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Root filling means that you clean the inside of the tooth and fill with a root filling material so that no bacteria settle in the root. 


There are various reasons why you need to root fill a tooth. One reason is that you have a "hole" (caries) in the tooth or a crack and fracture. This leads to  that the nerve in the tooth becomes inflamed and you have pain.cc81905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Sometimes you need to root fill a tooth that has no symptoms. And that's because the nerve (pulp) has "died" and the root is infected with bacteria. In this case, the canal is cleaned and a medicine is often added for a few days / weeks to disinfect the root canals before filling it with root filling material. Therefore, many times as many visits are needed to fill a tooth.

The tooth is treated with root filling when the nerve (pulp) is not alive or inflamed. Treatment usually consists of two sessions, when cleaning root canals and filling with root filling material at the next visit. 

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